Definition of head-up display in English:

head-up display

(also heads-up display)

Pronunciation /hed əp dəˈsplā/ /hɛd əp dəˈspleɪ/


  • A display of instrument readings in an aircraft or vehicle that can be seen without lowering the eyes, typically through being projected onto the windshield or visor.

    • ‘Helmet-mounted heads-up displays project a virtual reality ‘soundscape’ of the battlefield.’
    • ‘The cockpit is fitted with head-down displays and a head-up display from Smiths Industries.’
    • ‘The cockpit is equipped with three multifunction displays and a head-up display.’
    • ‘I don't understand what happened to the device that could identify the target by lasing it, which provided the aircraft a heads-up display that would show the laser spot.’
    • ‘His aircraft heads-up display also indicated a 90-degree bank angle while the aircraft was in a wings-level attitude.’
    • ‘Heading pointer or navigational queuing was not displayed in the heads-up display.’
    • ‘Introduction of the head-up display marked the first step toward allowing pilots to cue their missiles or guns with an out-of-the-cockpit aiming device.’
    • ‘The cockpit can be equipped with a head-up display with a weapon aiming computer.’
    • ‘One way of improving instrument checks is to opt for the head-up displays that some vehicles include on the options list.’
    • ‘Navigation information, critical systems data and collision warning cues, for example, can be projected onto the windscreen in full color using a reconfigurable head-up display.’
    • ‘The head-up display is the pilot's primary information instrument.’
    • ‘This includes heads-up displays, taxi navigation cues and much more’
    • ‘Future regional jets will most likely be better equipped with head-up displays aimed at providing more guidance information to flight crews.’
    • ‘The enhanced visual system superimposes the heat signature of any airfield lighting and other heat-producing devices or structures onto the head-up display regardless of outside weather conditions.’
    • ‘In cars, the bright LEDs would be especially useful in headlights and head-up displays that project speedometer data and other information onto windshields.’
    • ‘And the future can only hold more technical marvels for us with the promise of head-up displays and drive-by-wire vehicles.’
    • ‘It uses a head-up display that projects important information, such as speed and cryptogram directions for navigation, on to the windscreen in the driver's direct line of vision.’
    • ‘A head-up display projects a virtual image, providing key driving information, on to the windscreen, helping to improve safety by allowing drivers to keep their eyes on the road ahead.’
    • ‘For instance, a glove-mounted scanner transmitting an image to a heads-up display and using vibration-canceling technology would fit part of the bill.’
    • ‘The pilot sits in the front seat, behind a heads-up display, accompanied by a weapons system officer in the back.’


head-up display

/hed əp dəˈsplā/ /hɛd əp dəˈspleɪ/