Definition of head voice in English:

head voice


in singular
  • One of the high registers of the voice in speaking or singing, above chest voice.

    ‘Sometimes when he sings softly, particularly when he shifts into head voice, he turns croony, which isn't really appropriate either.’
    • ‘I also had to learn, in public speech, to drop down half an octave and use a chest rather than a head voice.’
    • ‘He had a tendency to sing in his head voice.’
    • ‘The song choice gave him the chance to show off his head voice.’
    • ‘Her head voice is one of the worse ever, she's almost a joke act.’
    • ‘Maybe head voice isn't called for much in the Country genre, but it would have been marvelous here.’
    • ‘There were some sketchy moments in her head voice, and difficulty hitting high notes on pitch.’
    • ‘She had flipped into a beautiful head voice.’
    • ‘Her beautiful vibrato and gorgeous head voice is on full display here.’
    • ‘She just hit a sweet spot in her head voice that I did not see coming.’


head voice

/ˈhed ˌvois/ /ˈhɛd ˌvɔɪs/