Definition of headcam in English:



  • A small video camera attached to a hat or helmet or strapped to the head, used especially to provide video footage from the wearer's perspective.

    ‘he hurtled down the cliff face at speeds of 40mph, all the while filming his descent on his headcam’
    • ‘We put headcams on kids in order to see their lunchtime experiences from their point of view.’
    • ‘You know sports headcams are serious business when large electronics manufacturers are getting into the game.’
    • ‘The quality of the footage, as with many other headcams, depends greatly on the light conditions and where and how you've mounted your camera.’
    • ‘There are a number of people out there using headcams on their daily commute to document potential crashes or otherwise unsafe driving.’
    • ‘Check out Line Of Sight, a headcam tour of traffic-dodging courier races around various cities.’
    • ‘The headcam is for the customer's safety and the protection of the door staff.’
    • ‘Lopez foresees a day when the headcam will be as much standard equipment as a police radio.’
    • ‘Podmore wore a headcam with the intention of obtaining footage of their hunting foray.’
    • ‘We've all seen them land conversions and penalties but this week we put the headcam on Ireland's goal kickers for a very different view.’
    • ‘His videos, filmed from a headcam as he makes his way around settings like Rhyl's rooftops, have attracted thousands of views.’


1990s from head + cam.