Definition of headlock in English:



  • A method of restraining someone by holding an arm firmly around their head, especially as a hold in wrestling.

    ‘he had him in a headlock’
    • ‘Almost imperceptibly, one pair's dancing morphed into wrestling, embraces turned into headlocks and back into eyelash-batting flirtation just in time for another couple's dancing to begin a similar cycle.’
    • ‘In one match, I finally grabbed him in a headlock and asked if we were going to wrestle, or what.’
    • ‘Two kids were even caught in a wrestling match with a teacher, trying to take down the man with a series of headlocks and full nelsons.’
    • ‘I'd like to see this guy perform different moves besides the polish hammer, headlocks, punches and kicks.’
    • ‘The days of beer-bellied grapplers applying a headlock or an armbar for five or six minutes are long gone.’
    • ‘Bret thinks that Calgary was the only place where a move like a headlock or an Abdominal Stretch could get over.’
    • ‘He grabbed me from behind when I walked away and wrestled me into a headlock.’
    • ‘The coaching will include ground fighting and tactics, escaping different headlocks and floor restraints.’
    • ‘I muttered, catching my arm around behind her neck and hugging her before giving her a headlock and a noogie.’
    • ‘Dante caught one in a headlock and landed a straight kick to another's jaw.’
    • ‘The two engaged in a small playful game of wrestling-meets-tag, taking turns putting each other in headlocks and getting tickled.’
    • ‘Why don't we practice chokeholds, leg grabs, headlocks and body holds like wrestlers and judo fighters?’
    • ‘I felt the immediate strength of his arms as he firmly held me in a headlock against his chest, ruffling my hair roughly.’
    • ‘James grabbed Will's arm and wrestled his way from the headlock, holding Will in his big strong arms.’
    • ‘Then, quick as lightning, he had her in a headlock and gave her a noogie.’
    • ‘I loosened the headlock I had on her just enough for her to catch her breath.’
    • ‘The player had the general manager in a headlock at one point, relentlessly giving him noogies.’
    • ‘Instead of walking out of the door he turned around and jumped on the bed and put Meg in a headlock so her face was in his armpit.’
    • ‘She pulled out his keys and made to hand them to him, when he grabbed her in a headlock and flipped her down the steps.’
    • ‘Without any outward warning she caught the older woman in a mammoth of a headlock.’