Definition of headmasterly in English:




See headmaster

  • ‘Under the headmasterly rule of His Excellency the Life President Ngwazi Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda (to give him his official moniker), Malawi was peaceful, tidy, friendly, and decidedly old-fashioned.’
  • ‘If Guthrie wishes to be seen as having left the world of hemline journalism behind him, now is his heaven-made chance to demonstrate a headmasterly fairness and impartiality - one that is quite clearly beyond Marr and the boys.’
  • ‘But, even though she was reputed to be somewhat headmasterly over the usage of English, she had a charming and engaging social presence.’
  • ‘Archbishop of York David Hope wagged a headmasterly finger at one of his bishops yesterday and declared that the Church of England has no intention of abandoning the poor.’
  • ‘David Warner is nicely sinister as Evil Incarnate, and Sir Ralph Richardson, that stately old figure, is a headmasterly Supreme Being.’