Definition of headstone in English:



  • A slab of stone set up at the head of a grave, typically inscribed with the name of the dead person.

    • ‘It's an amazing sight to see 43 acres of graves and monuments and headstones and so many images of death packed together.’
    • ‘Around him graves crept up the hillside in a mishmash of stone headstones and rotting wooden crosses.’
    • ‘About 100 headstones and graves were wrecked in Thursday's incident, which police said was racially motivated.’
    • ‘Inspection of the headstones showed the names of lesser NCOs and privates, drawn from regiments of city and shire.’
    • ‘When all of the Civil War graves are located the cemetery plans to pick up the cost of new headstones on their graves.’
    • ‘I took full advantage, and strolled along between the graves, reading the headstones.’
    • ‘When you walk among the headstones and read the names, you can see into the future.’
    • ‘It has also supplied parts for windmills, a post office in Iran and metal headstones for graves.’
    • ‘Police were called to the scene on Friday and discovered the gravestone lying at the side of the grave with the headstone turned down in the earth.’
    • ‘Today was the unveiling ceremony for her headstone which was a stone carving commissioned by her family.’
    • ‘Both are buried at Orton churchyard in a grave without a headstone.’
    • ‘Colin's friends are now raising money for a headstone to mark his grave.’
    • ‘This means that the family can not afford a headstone for Phoebe's grave at Pleasington cemetery.’
    • ‘It is, of course, a memorial to the matriarch, the slab representing her headstone.’
    • ‘She pressed a kiss against her fingers and then touched AJ's name on the headstone.’
    • ‘Folding his coat beneath him, he knelt down and sat back on his haunches at the foot of the grave, facing the headstone.’
    • ‘Walking around the grave, Eve's heart sank as she made out the name on the headstone.’
    • ‘The majority of these graves did not have accompanying headstones or markers of any kind.’
    • ‘It was named that because the inscriptions on the headstones were in a Cyrillic script.’
    • ‘Turning rocks into tiles, tabletops and headstones for premium prices is an old idea attracting new interest in Nunavut.’
    gravestone, tombstone, stone, monument, memorial, plaque, tablet
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