Definition of health-obsessed in English:



  • Excessively anxious about one's health.

    ‘a health-obsessed perfectionist’
    • ‘The event sponsors, who clearly buy in to today's health-obsessed ideology, forbid participants from doing drugs, drinking alcohol or smoking.’
    • ‘They wouldn't dare make such an assertion in today's puritanical, health-obsessed Ireland, where it would most likely provoke moral outrage and an advertising ban.’
    • ‘The centuries-old Hindu theory of happy life and preventative medicine was suppressed under British colonisation but, in the 50 years since India asserted its independence, has enjoyed a huge resurgence and - ironically - much interest from the health-obsessed West.’
    • ‘The group actually advises Americans to "light up, giving a filter-tipped finger, as it were, to a health-obsessed government."’
    • ‘The day after Easter a guy in my office brought in a giant shopping bag full of candy that his kid had collected at church, but had been forbidden to eat by his health-obsessed parents.’
    • ‘In these health-obsessed days, it is barely possible to pick up a daily newspaper without reading that Britain is working too hard and that thousands - perhaps millions - of us are suffering from work-induced stress.’
    • ‘In our health-obsessed age the revelation that young people think little about cancer has generated handwringing.’
    • ‘The health-obsessed new regime wants to measure kids' height, weight and waistlines to make sure they are morally-upstanding citizens-to-be who have resisted the temptation to gorge on evil junk food.’
    valetudinarian, valetudinary, malingering, neurotic, health-obsessed, obsessed with one's health, preoccupied with ill health, anxious about one's health