Definition of health hazard in English:

health hazard


  • A potential source of danger to a person's health.

    ‘asbestos exposure poses a health hazard’
    • ‘The website lets users know if there are any probable health hazards associated with any of the product's ingredients.’
    • ‘Some bottled waters pose more health hazards than some tap waters.’
    • ‘Pesticide exposure poses a significant health hazard to everyone who works in agriculture.’
    • ‘The presence of arsenic in the water was a major health hazard.’
    • ‘The project is meant for creating awareness among smokers on the health hazards of tobacco and to encourage them to quit the habit.’
    • ‘The campaign team highlighted the health hazards caused by sewage contamination of groundwater from pit latrines and septic tanks.’
    • ‘The toy has been examined by a paediatric safety consultant who decided the toys posed a clear health hazard.’
    • ‘The council says the birds pose a health hazard and that the only option now left is to go ahead with the cull.’
    • ‘"Low-level radiation is a serious health hazard," he said.’
    • ‘They have suspected for decades that the chemicals pose serious health hazards.’