Definition of healthcare in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhelTHker/ /ˈhɛlθkɛr/

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often as modifier
  • The organized provision of medical care to individuals or a community.

    as modifier ‘healthcare workers’
    • ‘The costs included the direct medical costs of health care within the programme and elsewhere.’
    • ‘It will have wide effects, as Medicare pays for much health care in the United States.’
    • ‘Not only do latex allergies threaten health-care workers, but patients are also at risk.’
    • ‘There's even a laptop computer for use by other health-care professionals.’
    • ‘It is difficult for patients, it is difficult for health-care professionals, and it is difficult for society.’
    • ‘Most of us know health-care costs are spiraling out of control in this country but this raises a question.’
    • ‘More than three times as many were most concerned about Medicare and health care or jobs and the economy.’
    • ‘There are few more basic needs than efficient and safe health care provision.’
    • ‘This would lead to reduction in medical costs and improvement in health care.’
    • ‘Many of the primary care trusts that commission health care are also in crisis.’
    • ‘How much of the health care has been peeled away, by so-called health-care reform?’
    • ‘Electronic communication promises to revolutionise the delivery of health care.’
    • ‘Stimulants were the most commonly prescribed drugs in both health-care systems.’
    • ‘We have to put more individual responsibility in making wise health-care choices.’
    • ‘The community deserves a say in the development of its health-care program, he said.’
    • ‘The regulatory bodies cover most professionals who work in health care including nurses.’
    • ‘His aim is to reshape US health care by changing the way that medicine is taught.’
    • ‘A rash of external inspection is affecting the delivery of health care around the world.’
    • ‘Is our objective to increase knowledge, change attitudes, or improve health care?’
    • ‘The volume should be of help in rationalizing the use of these products in health care.’