Definition of hear say (or tell) of (or that) in English:

hear say (or tell) of (or that)


  • Be informed of or that.

    ‘I heard tell that he went out west’
    • ‘Furthermore, I've heard tell that, like racehorses, modern blocks of flats all have one great-great grandaddy.’
    • ‘There were towers and pillars and Elizabeth had heard tell that there were hundreds of rooms, even though the glorious abode accommodated only one occupant.’
    • ‘I've heard tell that in Poland there's been a tradition that young boys take sweets to school for girls, and men take flowers for women at work.’
    • ‘I have heard tell that there is a woman in this city who may know the whereabouts of this book.’
    • ‘Only these are far larger than any I heard tell of as a boy, and all others who come here from outside say the same.’
    • ‘I have even heard say that during training she won't even smile if there's not a good reason.’
    • ‘When comedic actors go into drama - particularly when they're at the peak of their careers - you always hear tell that sometimes they won't ‘go all out’ because they're scared to death.’
    • ‘And I hear tell that there's a lot of beauty up there in Iceland.’
    • ‘And I have heard tell that one of them was innocent!’
    • ‘I have even heard tell that some people don't answer the phone if they recognise the number and don't wish to speak to that person right now.’
    hear about, hear of, learn of, find out about, become aware of, be made aware of, be told about, be informed of, hear tell of, have brought to one's notice