Definition of heart-lung machine in English:

heart-lung machine


  • A machine that temporarily takes over the functions of the heart and lungs, especially during heart surgery.

    • ‘Apart from the skills of the cardiac surgeon, the main technology which has allowed this operation to take place is the heart-lung machine which puts oxygen into the bloodstream while the heart is stopped during the surgery.’
    • ‘He was a perfusionist, that is, the medical technician who operates the heart-lung machine during open-heart surgery.’
    • ‘To use modified ultrafiltration, the perfusionist who operates the heart-lung machine first modifies the pediatric CPB circuit to incorporate the modified ultrafiltration system.’
    • ‘On completion, the heart was allowed to pump the blood through the aortic cannula toward the heart-lung machine.’
    • ‘One of the potential side effects of being on a heart-lung machine is an intense inflammatory reaction.’
    • ‘This is carried out in a hospital under general anaesthesia and uses a heart-lung machine.’
    • ‘Surgeons also must temporarily stop the heart and use a heart-lung machine to take over the heart's role of circulating blood in order to make the incisions.’
    • ‘As the term implies, doctors attributed the problems to the pump, the heart-lung machine that takes over during surgery when doctors literally stop a heart from beating so that they can repair its blocked vessels.’
    • ‘Gibbon created the first heart-lung machine, which enabled the first successful open-heart surgery in 1953.’
    • ‘One-way vent valves play a crucial role during open-heart surgery by redirecting blood from the heart to a heart-lung machine.’
    • ‘Recently, there has been interest in performing heart by-pass surgery without the use of the heart-lung machine.’
    • ‘In the early days of cardiac surgery before the heart-lung machine was perfected, some operations were done on the beating heart.’
    • ‘An article traces the beginnings of cardiopulmonary bypass to 1812 and states the first heart-lung machine was built in 1858.’
    • ‘The circuit that was passed by the perfusionist then was clamped, and the arterial cannula was connected to the arterial line from the heart-lung machine.’
    • ‘Blood is suctioned from the surgical field directly from the heart-lung machine or from sterile drainage containers, washed and processed by a machine, and reinfused into the patient.’
    • ‘In addition, because it requires patients to go on a heart-lung machine for up to an hour, it has typically been reserved for patients requiring other cardiac surgical procedures, such as coronary artery bypass graft or valve repair.’
    • ‘Although an able exponent of both closed cardiac surgical operations and those requiring a heart-lung machine, he later withdrew from this field to concentrate on surgery of the oesophagus.’
    • ‘May 6 was the 50th anniversary of the first successful open heart operation performed with the use of a heart-lung machine.’
    • ‘There an artificial heart-lung machine took over the work of her failing heart and lungs so that they can rest and heal.’
    • ‘The heart is stopped with medication for the duration of the operation; a heart-lung machine keeps oxygenated blood flowing.’


heart-lung machine

/ˌhɑːtˈlʌŋ məˌʃiːn/