Definition of heart monitor in English:

heart monitor


  • A device used to observe and check the rate, rhythm, or some other aspect of the heart.

    ‘the head coach instituted players wearing heart monitors at practice’
    • ‘The appeal quickly paid for 12 new portable heart monitors for use at York Hospital.’
    • ‘Club members have stepped in to help to boost the fundraising total to buy heart monitors.’
    • ‘The money will be used by the hospital to buy two new heart monitors.’
    • ‘She has become bradycardic, requiring a heart monitor at night.’
    • ‘The child, who is now 14 months old, gave up his heart monitor for good only a month ago.’
    • ‘The killer turns out to be the technician who services the patient's heart monitor.’
    • ‘We have put people on heart monitors to test how excited they get.’
    • ‘Software programs are available that can transform PDAs into calorie counters, fitness trainers, and even portable heart monitors.’
    • ‘A new video enhancement tool and a non-invasive heart monitor are just a couple of the agency's nearly 50 commercialized products featured.’
    • ‘She said a heart monitor had revealed that his heart was stopping during the night for up to three seconds.’