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  • 1The floor of a fireplace.

    ‘the crackling blaze on the hearth’
    • ‘Everything in sight was painted - tiled fireplaces and hearths, walls and floors, stairs and rails, and even the kitchen sink!’
    • ‘Slate is quarried stone used for fireplaces, hearths, and floors in the home.’
    • ‘This metamorphic rock works equally well for floors, hearths and fireplaces, backsplashes, counters, and patios.’
    • ‘The dining room features an open fireplace with slate hearth, along with floor to ceiling windows, and French doors that open out to the rear garden.’
    • ‘To the right are the two main reception rooms, both of which have matching cast iron fireplaces with tiled hearths and insets, ceiling cornices and centre roses.’
    • ‘Prominent brick or stone fireplaces with deep hearths are common.’
    • ‘Stone is often used for fireplaces, hearths, and accent walls in the home.’
    • ‘Beside this, the living room is the width of the house and has a cast-iron fireplace with a raised hearth, and sash windows.’
    • ‘He slid down to sit on the floor, facing the fireplace, its hearth stripped of ashes and as lifeless and bare as the rest of the house.’
    • ‘There is an open fireplace with a slate hearth as well as a beech floor.’
    • ‘Nothing beats the toasty comfort of a flickering blaze in the hearth while Old Man Winter rages just beyond the walls.’
    • ‘The room has a high vaulted ceiling and a raised fireplace with a marble hearth and brick surround.’
    • ‘Once the diving is over, the charming town of Inverary beckons, offering friendly pubs with aromatic birch logs in the hearth and stone-flagged floors, not to mention good beer and a wee dram if you fancy.’
    • ‘The living room enjoys front garden views through a large picture window and includes an open fireplace with Welsh slate hearth, while the dining room has French doors to a timber deck in the back garden.’
    • ‘The latter includes a bay window, an Adam-style fireplace with slate hearth and a glass door leading to a covered veranda.’
    • ‘Some lucky local with an open fire had determined the evening warranted a little extra cheer, more than the central heating could provide, and had lit a small blaze on his hearth.’
    • ‘The fire blazed on the open hearth and sometimes the baker as it was called was hanging over the fire with a cake of bread being baked.’
    • ‘The two double bedrooms are of equal size and situated on either side of a spacious bathroom; both have fireplaces with slate hearths, solid pine flooring and built-in shelving.’
    • ‘The property has two marble fireplaces with marble hearths and fitted units in the kitchen.’
    • ‘A raised open-grate fireplace with a marble hearth provides a stylish focal point, while French doors lead out to the patio garden and let in plenty of light.’
    1. 1.1The area in front of a fireplace.
      ‘they were sitting around the hearth’
      • ‘When I got the pictures back, Grandpa was sitting on the hearth in front of the fireplace.’
      • ‘Inside of the cave, there were leaves and a fireplace, with a large mat in front of the hearth for sleeping.’
      • ‘Smaller area and scatter rugs can be ideal for adorning smaller spaces - a hearth, a bedside, the area in front of a kitchen sink - with a splash of color and warmth.’
      • ‘And yet, she still couldn't quite separate the Conos she knew from the General whose stories were still told on occasion in front of the hearth at night.’
      • ‘Indecision leads to restlessness, and before long, the dark-haired young man found himself pacing back and forth in front of the hearth.’
      • ‘She headed back to the big room with the fireplace and at once saw the bright blaze which was already beginning to take the chill away from in front of the hearth and the damp from the air there.’
      • ‘He thought back to the days with Myra in the cottage when he used to come home from the pit, black from head to toe with coal dust, and soak himself in the hot sudsy water in the tin bath in front of the hearth.’
      • ‘She reached the large rug in front of the hearth where the bath was.’
      • ‘A fire was laid in the huge fireplace but not lit, and there was a large rug in front of the hearth; it looked cosy.’
      • ‘In front of the hearth is a late nineteenth-century American hooked rug showing a running deer.’
      • ‘He returned back to the living room where it was warm and found Hannah seated in front of the hearth, an afghan wrapped around her.’
      • ‘I dropped onto my stomach and propped myself up with my elbows beside Kella in front of the hearth.’
      • ‘The living area has a cantilevered hearth and hanging chimney.’
      • ‘A massive rammed earth fireplace offers hearths to porch and living area, and becomes the physical and psychological link between the two strips.’
      • ‘And instead of sitting around the hearth reminiscing about our venerable ancestors, I usually end up praying by myself upstairs.’
      • ‘The natural beauty is attractive to both visitors and locals alike and the outdoor life draws people from their warm hearths in almost all weather conditions.’
      • ‘They see my Sony Clié and marvel at the simple work it makes of taking, saving and sharing Christmas pictures and video clips shot around the Christmas hearth.’
      • ‘The humble restaurant, with a hearth of a kitchen, was a reminder of its owner's undeniable skill in the kitchen, even with bread.’
      • ‘Her vision was blurry, but she could make out a group of people sitting around a table and some animal laying on the hearth.’
    2. 1.2Used as a symbol of one's home.
      ‘he left hearth and home to train in Denmark’
      • ‘In history, Vesta was the protector of the hearth and home.’
      • ‘The stage is set, and it is so small; it is the hearth and home.’
      • ‘Only when these are dealt with satisfactorily does the mini-micro world of the hearth and home get a mention.’
      • ‘Concerned over the prospect of having to leave their hearth and home, people started organising themselves.’
      • ‘She realized the war was being fought by a few at the expense of the many, that most beings wished only to live their lives out by their hearth and home, and that such power of one human over another was never meant to be.’
      • ‘There is an understanding that the hearth and home are sacrosanct to the family, and that is why I think those confiscations were such an unhappy time in our history.’
      • ‘Carolyn and her family left New York and found their way back home to the family hearth and home in Rhode Island.’
      • ‘Whether you're the warm and fuzzy sort or you're like me, and find enforced jollity a serious downer, it's hard to avoid contemplating hearth and home and the ghosts of Christmas past at this time of year.’
      • ‘The only obvious alternatives to this cipher are the abusive monster or the absentee who prefers drink - or business, or golf - to hearth and home.’
      • ‘I needn't tell you how blonde Kate comes to adjudicate between the competing merits of Manhattan party-life and the family values of hearth and home.’
      • ‘Yes sir, he is safely ensconsed in the warmth of hearth and home.’
      • ‘Consequently, I believe their sole motivation was protection of hearth and home.’
      • ‘And yet, thinking about it, what better way of spending your money than on streamlining the affairs of hearth and home?’
      • ‘I write, if not the best, the easiest pieces surrounded by the familiars of hearth and home.’
      • ‘The privacy of hearth and home was precisely where a man could let his tyrannical inclinations run free.’
      • ‘Slowly, slowly, we are pulling away from hearth and home and into the real world.’
      • ‘The dinners were a cut above average at the U.S. chow halls, but that's where the similarity with hearth and home begins and ends.’
      • ‘The larger female pelvis was used in parallel fashion to prove that women were naturally destined for motherhood, the confined sphere of hearth and home.’
      • ‘The state of the world and of our nation constantly urges more people toward earth-based faiths and constantly reminds us that the most important things are of hearth and home.’
      • ‘The unroofed abandoned cottage reminds the visitors of the stark choice between survival and holding home and hearth.’
    3. 1.3The base or lower part of a furnace, where molten metal collects.
      ‘A reverberating furnace with two hearths heated a roaster to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit to calcine the ore.’
      • ‘Externally they are plain, internally they are complex with the curves of furnace and hearths and an impressive wooden gantry.’
      • ‘Modern excavations at Giza have found remnants of copper and even the hearths or kilns used to process the metal into tools.’
      • ‘People sold fish and fruit, and some dirty-faced men hammered metal over anvils after thrusting their work into a hearth.’
      • ‘If a component was fairly large, he might have to modify his hearth to accommodate the work, and certainly needed to draft in help to control the hot metal on the anvil.’



/härTH/ /hɑrθ/


Old English heorth, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch haard and German Herd.