Definition of heartless in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhärtləs/ /ˈhɑrtləs/

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  • Displaying a complete lack of feeling or consideration.

    ‘heartless thieves stole the stroller of a two-year-old boy’
    • ‘So when heartless thieves ransacked and stole decorations from outside his Netley home he was devastated.’
    • ‘The mother of an ill baby has hit out at a major gas supplier for leaving her without power after heartless thieves stole her gas credit card.’
    • ‘A mother has hit out at heartless thieves who stole her son's memorial from a lamp-post.’
    • ‘Cruel and heartless as it sounds, I don't do anything about this date.’
    • ‘Like a cold, heartless machine, you are so logical and unemotional that you scarcely seem human.’
    • ‘Needless to say, each actor did well playing their role as ruthless or heartless as necessary.’
    • ‘To top all this off, my horoscope read that I am a cruel heartless beast of a person.’
    • ‘I used to read her site every day but now I feel that I simply cannot as her comment was heartless and cruel.’
    • ‘We have a cruel and heartless system for the cared for and carers which needs to be overhauled.’
    • ‘His laugh was so cute, cuter then I would expect from someone as cold and heartless as he was.’
    • ‘The Great Depression went to show just how cold and heartless the government could be.’
    • ‘The world can be a cruel, heartless place in which inequity thrives and true love fails.’
    • ‘He becomes cold, heartless and an egotistical exhibitionist; much like the man that left him for dead.’
    • ‘The girl's voice was so cold and heartless at that point he thought he had lost her again.’
    • ‘She wondered what awful thing happened to him to make him act so cold and heartless.’
    • ‘They were all the same, cruel and heartless, never a care in the world about whom they hurt and whom they got pregnant.’
    • ‘Fox hunting is therefore cold, heartless, premeditated and above all, pointless.’
    • ‘In the end, he decided to do it in the coldest and most heartless way possible: through the press.’
    • ‘This is going to be difficult to do without sounding heartless, but I'll give it a try.’
    • ‘I'm not swayed by the humanitarian arguments, though I hope I'm not heartless.’
    unfeeling, unsympathetic, unkind, uncaring, unloving, unmoved, unconcerned, insensitive, inconsiderate, hard-hearted, stony-hearted, cold-hearted, cold-blooded, with a heart of stone, lacking compassion, mean-spirited, without sentiment, hard as nails
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