Definition of heartsickness in English:




See heartsick

‘Should we follow James in embracing a will to believe, if only to cure ourselves of heartsickness and melancholy at the absence of meaning?’
  • ‘Still, for what it's worth, there is one cure for those afflicted with heartsickness.’
  • ‘Shifting stylistically as he never has before, White is still narrowly focused on the ins and outs of relationships, but he's added an impressive sonic heft that lends elegance and mystery to his heartsickness.’
  • ‘In this case, not a lot has changed in the past millennium and a half, except that we're more likely to be wearied by tedium, ennui or heartsickness than by physical fatigue.’
  • ‘I feel great pity for them, great fear for the country, and heartsickness about the world.’