Definition of heavenly host in English:

heavenly host


  • A literary or biblical term for the angels.

    • ‘Ultimately, we know that we have made progress when reading this book moves us to cry out, in union with all the heavenly hosts, ‘Amen!’’
    • ‘Taking up this calling, we join forces with the heavenly hosts against the very foes of God by praising God's name.’
    • ‘The choruses in this opera are of paramount importance, as they represent the most important beings who are unseen; the heavenly hosts and the evil spirits.’
    • ‘In the light of Christmas Day, we, the faithful, celebrate this song that was just last night sung by the multitude of heavenly hosts.’
    • ‘God and the assortment of heavenly hosts are representative of multiculturalism.’
    • ‘I saw God sitting on His throne and all the heavenly hosts are standing at His right and at His left.’
    • ‘Who is going to hell in a handbag and who is going to be escorted to heaven by the heavenly hosts?’
    • ‘Then as the heavenly hosts watched, a teary-eyed Joseph presented the interpretation of the dream to Pharaoh: seven years of bountiful harvests would be followed by seven years of famine.’
    • ‘Second, I address all the heavenly hosts inviting them to praise the lives of the just and to thank me for the benefits I have already bestowed upon them and for those I will bestow in the future.’