Definition of Heaviside layer in English:

Heaviside layer

(also Heaviside–Kennelly layer)


another name for E layer
  • ‘Appleton conducted an experiment to prove that the Heaviside layer existed, and its height.’
  • ‘The Heaviside layer may vary in height from 50 kilometers in the daytime to 100 kilometers at night.’
  • ‘In the morning, when the Heaviside layers go back where they belong, you wake up to static.’
  • ‘It is shown that the Heaviside layer is probably quite irregular, and that refraction of the traveling waves is probably existent’
  • ‘Terrestrial phenomena which I have noted conclusively show that there is no Heaviside layer, or, if it exists, it is of no effect.’


Early 20th century named after O. Heaviside (see Heaviside, Oliver) and A. E. Kennelly (see Kennelly, Arthur Edwin).