Definition of heavy-handedly in English:



See heavy-handed

  • ‘It is 1980s country house hotel cooking: complicated, rich, protein-intensive, heavy-handedly peppered with foods that shriek out Scottishness.’
  • ‘I really think it's just an extension of that adolescent need to define one's individuality as heavy-handedly as possible, but specifically in the area of intelligence.’
  • ‘As an added inducement, it was heavy-handedly hinted that co-operation by Bucharest would assist Romania's ambition to join the European Union.’
  • ‘It's one thing to heavy-handedly engineer a pesticide into every cell of a crop; it's quite another to manage the ecological interrelationships of the farm so that the offending insect is controlled by the natural balances.’
  • ‘Some moderators look at themselves as lords of mini-fiefdoms, abusing the power that moderation gives them and heavy-handedly ordering people around, or else warning participants not to do anything to anger them.’
  • ‘It has however indicated that it would not act heavy-handedly on 1 October and impose sanctions immediately against US exports to the EU, but first try to seek an amicable agreement for compensation.’
  • ‘The basic plot points were delivered heavy-handedly at the beginning, but many things were not explained clearly after that, so I spent much of the first half of the film trying to figure out who people were.’
  • ‘A truly intrusive and irritating score, which heavy-handedly underlines every ‘poignant’ moment, only reinforces this condescending tendency.’
  • ‘The works, intentionally filled with corrections, are heavy-handedly drawn and messily painted with the naivety of a beginning art student.’
  • ‘The brothers wanted to explore the theme of transition, but the angel motif is used so literally and heavy-handedly that the film threatens to sink under the weight of its own feathers.’
  • ‘A group of four friends are debating - somewhat heavy-handedly - whether the nature of life is essentially tragic or comic.’
  • ‘He expresses a few phrases of Oriental philosophy, but not as heavy-handedly as he did in the movies of the 1930s and 1940s.’
  • ‘The gap between the corrupt ruling class and the poor is wide and deep and he captures the unrest both too heavy-handedly and incredibly subtly.’
  • ‘The film is cheerfully anachronistic - sometimes too heavy-handedly so.’
  • ‘Overall, Lantos comes out heavy-handedly against the idea of publicly held companies being expected to be ethically altruistic.’
  • ‘Sometimes this is dealt with rather heavy-handedly.’