Definition of Hebraically in English:


Pronunciation /-ik(ə)lē/


See Hebraic

‘He's perceived as a demon, and we see him so Hebraically.’
  • ‘Let me digress once more, for the sake of those dear readers who may be Hebraically challenged.’
  • ‘To be truly biblical is to think and act Hebraically, as Jesus did during his incarnation.’
  • ‘It's the most important subject for one reason: it's here that students learn to think Hebraically.’
  • ‘That is why they built a school system that teaches Hebrew as a spoken language and graduates of the school are Hebraically fluent.’
  • ‘They explore the Jewish origins of the Scriptures & teach how to study this Hebraically!’
  • ‘In the process, we also learn how to think Hebraically.’
  • ‘Dates on the Hebrew calendar are recognized Hebraically.’
  • ‘In 1997 she took part in an Israel-In-Depth study tour, and was also involved in a class to equip people to teach Hebraically.’
  • ‘They are unable to study the Bible Hebraically.’
  • ‘We have to prepare Jewish professionals who can address the full range of our Reform constituency - those who are highly committed as well as less committed; those who are Hebraically knowledgeable as well as those who know little; those who are more traditional in their practice as well as those who are less so.’
  • ‘Just a little sidetrack, since it is biblical and Hebraically patriarchal, wouldn't the home be a good start to practice some of the lost truths and celebrate some of the feasts of God within the communal life of family?’