Definition of hedge clippers in English:

hedge clippers

plural noun

(also hedge clipper)
  • A tool resembling a large pair of scissors, used for cutting back bushes, shrubs, and hedges.

    ‘she attacks the tree with a large pair of rusting hedge clippers’
    • ‘She looks like someone took a chisel to her chin and hedge clippers to her hair.’
    • ‘If the edge was good last year all that is needed is a trim with hedge clippers or edging shears.’
    • ‘We should "love thy neighbor" instead of borrowing their hedge clippers and never returning them.’
    • ‘Get yourself over to the tool pile and grab the hedge clippers to attack the lilac bushes.’
    • ‘Tests have shown that roses hacked back randomly with hedge clippers did better than roses which had been carefully, scientifically pruned.’
    • ‘I always used old school hedge clippers.’
    • ‘Most of us only get a card and a maybe a pair of hedge clippers for Father's Day.’
    • ‘She glanced at her co-workers who were sharing hedge clippers and trimming ivy.’
    • ‘I use a hedge clipper to shear off tougher stems on grasses such as Arundo, Miscanthus, or Pennisetum species.’
    • ‘A hedge on Chapman Street that had overgrown the footpath has been spared the hedge clippers and a new path paved around it.’