Definition of hedge fund in English:

hedge fund

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  • A limited partnership of investors that uses high risk methods, such as investing with borrowed money, in hopes of realizing large capital gains.

    ‘This past fall he speared several large players in both the hedge fund and mutual fund industries.’
    • ‘This month sees the launch of a hedge fund aimed at private investors.’
    • ‘Ask the hedge fund for its private placement memorandum or partnership agreement.’
    • ‘Some hedge fund managers say these funds are the key to consistent returns, even in downtrodden markets.’
    • ‘It offers a hedge fund that takes significantly higher risk than a standard pension fund.’
    • ‘And it is always the fault of the market or the hedge fund or of soft dollars or of the mutual fund or the limited partnership.’
    • ‘Why bother with plain old mutual funds if you can qualify for a hedge fund?’
    • ‘In its purest form, a hedge fund is simply an ordinary investment fund that tries to exploit price inefficiencies in the market.’
    • ‘The dueling lawsuits offer a rare window into the secretive inner workings of a hedge fund.’
    • ‘A battle between a hedge fund and a private equity fund looks like the kind of spat in which it would be foolish to take sides.’
    • ‘One of my partners in a hedge fund is a brilliant investor, but he also has a wicked temper.’
    • ‘Leave the ability to act like a hedge fund but tone down the use of high-risk investment techniques.’
    • ‘For example, this fund has many of the powers of a hedge fund in that it's relatively unconstrained.’
    • ‘It is understood that the new hedge fund has not commenced operations, but it is raising funds for investments.’
    • ‘I'm not talking about making public the trading techniques that are proprietary to a hedge fund.’
    • ‘But the hedge fund isn't going to invest in stocks and bonds and the usual gizmos.’
    • ‘The fair market value of securities held by a hedge fund is the basis for calculating its performance.’
    • ‘The hedge fund also offered to pay higher management fees than other customers.’
    • ‘Big gains are also expected among those who are engaged in the booming hedge fund trading sector.’
    • ‘He is a hedge fund manager or a financial artist whose successes made him not only rich, but also the stuff of legend.’