Definition of Hegelianism in English:



  • The philosophical system of the German philosopher Hegel.

    ‘the rediscovery of Hegelianism’
    • ‘By the middle of the nineteenth century, the influence of Hegelianism was almost dead.’
    • ‘Hegelianism was the first of numerous attempts at grandiose system building in the 19th century.’
    • ‘After he had repudiated conservative Hegelianism, he managed to insinuate into his essays and reviews a libertarian, democratic outlook.’
    • ‘He went to Germany to study Hegelianism at the source.’
    • ‘He had just begun to make a critique of the Hegelianism in which he had been trained as a student and to absorb the materialist ideas of Ludwig Feuerbach.’



/həˈɡālēəˌnizəm/ /həˈɡeɪliəˌnɪzəm/