Definition of Heisman Trophy in English:

Heisman Trophy

Pronunciation /ˈhīsmən ˌtrōfē/ /ˈhaɪsmən ˌtroʊfi/


  • An annual award given to the outstanding college football player in the US by the Downtown Athletic Club of New York City.

    • ‘He had something happen this year to his star receiver, who was a Heisman Trophy candidate, who I think would have probably won, and the young man came in and said, Coach Bowden, will they ever, ever forget this?’
    • ‘As much as Texas coach Mack Brown says a Heisman Trophy can be won without 100-yard efforts every weekend - he points to Williams' 43 yards against Kansas State in 1998 as an example - he knows better.’
    • ‘He wasn't a Heisman Trophy finalist for nothing - that field general they have is awesome.’
    • ‘Either the people who voted for the Heisman Trophy don't know anything about football, or the sports information staff from Fresno State didn't do its job in promoting Carr as a Heisman Trophy candidate.’
    • ‘Those championship hopes rest on the funky yet extremely productive throwing motion of Rivers, a Heisman Trophy candidate who will be working with his third offensive coordinator in four seasons.’
    • ‘As a pro, he has never displayed the light feet and explosive burst that he showed as a Heisman Trophy winner at Wisconsin, preferring to shuffle his feet and plow into the line more often than not.’
    • ‘How is it possible that Brad Banks, a Heisman Trophy finalist, didn't get drafted, especially when there were so many teams in dire need of a quarterback?’
    • ‘A year ago, Suggs was being touted as a Heisman Trophy contender and the man to make Virginia Tech forget about the early departure of Michael Vick.’
    • ‘Texas quarterback Chris Simms has crept back into a Heisman Trophy race that is as wide open as any in recent memory.’
    • ‘I'm a Heisman Trophy voter, which makes me guilty by association.’
    • ‘He was a Heisman Trophy winner who wore his hair in dreadlocks.’
    • ‘He might as well be replacing a Heisman Trophy winner - that's what it will feel like stepping in for David Carr.’
    • ‘The tailback is a Heisman Trophy candidate who runs for big yards, scores touchdowns and gets publicity.’
    • ‘The only thing remaining in the Red River Rout was a Heisman Trophy moment for quarterback Vince Young.’
    • ‘But in no way could he have envisioned that the deal possibly would include a Heisman Trophy.’
    • ‘That's why he avoids conversations about a Heisman Trophy race he has suddenly seized control of.’
    • ‘They lose a Heisman Trophy winner at quarterback and might lose as many as eight starters on defense.’
    • ‘Young is a Heisman Trophy favorite, but he's not the best quarterback in his conference.’
    • ‘It will be different next year when Anderson begins the season as a Heisman Trophy favorite.’
    • ‘Dad Archie officially has signed off on a Heisman Trophy campaign for this season.’


Named in honor of football pioneer John W. Heisman (1869–1936).


Heisman Trophy

/ˈhīsmən ˌtrōfē/ /ˈhaɪsmən ˌtroʊfi/