Definition of HeLa cells in English:

HeLa cells

plural noun

  • Human epithelial cells of a strain maintained in tissue culture since 1951 and used in research, especially in virology.

    • ‘Moving to us, there are standard cell lines from human kidney or liver, and then there are the famous HeLa cells, one of many from human tumor sources.’
    • ‘Figure 3 shows typical staining patterns for uninfected and infected HeLa cells, which were used as controls.’
    • ‘Fig.7 shows that cell proliferation is further restricted to the colony border in HeLa cells grown over a longer period.’
    • ‘A limited amount of producer cells was overlaid with an excess of indicator HeLa cells, characterized by uncolored nuclei.’


1950s from the name of Henrietta Lacks, whose cervical carcinoma provided the original cells.


HeLa cells