Definition of helichrysum in English:



  • An Old World plant of the daisy family. Some kinds are grown as everlastings, retaining their shape and colour when dried.

    Genus Helichrysum, family Compositae

    • ‘Olive trees planted in full sun look their best surrounded by scented herbs and silver-grey Mediterranean plants: helichrysum, lavender and rosemary.’
    • ‘These helichrysums are grown for their soft decorative foliage and produce masses of the stuff within weeks of being planted out.’
    • ‘All the plants are new with the exception of a helichrysum which has made it through two winters with only a little frost damage to the ends of its long stems.’
    • ‘For more foliage interest, the designers added ‘Tuscan Blue’ rosemary and bronze flax (both mostly vertical), plus lavender, thyme, helichrysum, lamb's ears, and other plants with a more mounding habit.’
    • ‘After revealing I had permanently frozen feet and a persistently runny nose, I lay down flat on the bed while Julie dabbed helichrysum - a soothing, healing flower essence - on all the acupuncture points she was going to use.’


Latin, from Greek helikhrusos, from helix ‘spiral’ + khrusos ‘gold’. It originally denoted a yellow-flowered plant, possibly Helichrysum stoechas.