Definition of helicity in English:



  • 1Biochemistry
    Helical character, especially of DNA.

    ‘The reason for the relatively low helicity of long peptides is unclear to us.’
    • ‘One peptide was designed to maximize helicity and the other, having the same composition but a different sequence, was designed to minimize helical formation.’
    • ‘Mechanistically, the expansion event begins with a slight loss of helicity in the stem region.’
    • ‘In addition, its helicity could be further increased.’
    • ‘This reduced its helicity and increased its average tilt, thereby presumably reducing fusion efficiency.’
  • 2Physics
    A combination of the spin and the linear motion of a subatomic particle.

    ‘Linear equations can't easily capture magnetic field helicity, a property that prevents much of the field's energy from dissipating as heat.’
    • ‘One physicist later wrote that, had Maurice Goldhaber not existed, ‘I am not sure that the helicity of the neutrino would ever have been measured‘.’



/həˈlisədē/ /həˈlɪsədi/


1950s (in helicity (sense 2)): from Latin helix, helic- ‘spiral’+ -ity.