Definition of heliconia in English:



  • A large-leaved tropical American plant which bears spectacular flowers with brightly colored bracts.

    Genus Heliconia, family Heliconiaceae (formerly Musaceae): many species, including the lobster claw

    ‘A lush island, Tobago is awash with colour, from the orchids, heliconia and hibiscus tumbling over garden walls to the fruit orchards and cocoa plantations of the interior.’
    • ‘You can learn about the flora of the island with a visit to Tropical Gardens of Maui, where a self-guided tour leads through plantings of palm, orchids, red and yellow heliconias, ginger, and hibiscus.’
    • ‘On many parts of the island, ash smothered all vegetation; the weight of the ashfall stripped limbs from trees and toppled smaller plants, such as banana and heliconia.’
    • ‘It attacks plants like ginger, heliconia, or palms.’
    • ‘These bats roost, head-up, inside the smooth tubes formed as young banana or heliconia leaves unfurl.’



/ˌheliˈkōnēə/ /ˌhɛlɪˈkoʊniə/