Definition of helicopter muster in English:

helicopter muster


Australian, New Zealand
  • A rounding up of livestock using a helicopter.

    ‘the kings of the rope and saddle have been replaced by helicopter musters’
    • ‘The article notes that the animal was first spotted during a helicopter muster on the station.’
    • ‘The helicopter muster will target 150 wild horses in the area.’
    • ‘An emergency helicopter muster is planned to capture 50 wild horses threatened by severe drought conditions.’
    • ‘After three weeks of mustering on horseback we took up the suggestion that we try a helicopter muster to flush out the renegade cattle.’
    • ‘Following flooding in the Lagoon, he organised a helicopter muster, which brought out 260 head.’
    • ‘The first helicopter muster on Oobagooma turned out to be the only one of its kind during our time on the station.’
    • ‘I'd never seen a helicopter muster before. I didn't know how it worked.’
    • ‘When a second helicopter muster was unsuccessful, it was decided to fence two swamps with electric fences.’
    • ‘At the station on the eastern edge of the Tanami Desert, he worked in with helicopter muster pilots.’
    • ‘The next helicopter muster went ahead as scheduled and we had our hands full with the work of handling a yard of cattle.’