Definition of helimustering in English:



mass nounAustralian, New Zealand
  • The rounding up of livestock using a helicopter.

    ‘helimustering has blossomed because it is cost-efficient’
    • ‘It was also during his time that heli-mustering became very popular.’
    • ‘Helimustering has blossomed because it is cost-efficient.’
    • ‘I heard him grumbling about the effects of heli-mustering on cattle condition.’
    • ‘We visit the base of Australia's biggest helimustering outfit.’
    • ‘I'd hoped to see a bit of heli-mustering while I was up this way.’
    • ‘His first helimustering ride was like "being on a runaway roller coaster with your eyes closed."’
    • ‘We had a bit of a heli-mustering drama, too.’
    • ‘Heli-mustering in a tough industry was both cost effective and a time saving alternative to stockmen in a big operation like theirs.’
    • ‘He was a fledgling member of the heli-mustering community.’
    • ‘Helimustering accidents are still a worry.’


1980s blend of helicopter and muster.