Definition of heliogravure in English:



another term for photogravure
  • ‘Most of the heliogravures are at the Davison Art Center.’
  • ‘She shows a selection of heliogravures that she has made over the past twelve years.’
  • ‘Printed by hand in limited quantities, each heliogravure is considered an original, and its value is accordingly assured.’
  • ‘Sepia toned heliogravures are offered by dealers at between $75.00 and $375.00 depending on size, condition and image.’
  • ‘These are heliogravures and others which use relief plates for printing.’
  • ‘The Royal Photographic Society, in Bath, has an extensive collection of over 100,000 photographic images, from heliogravures to holograms.’



/ˌhiːlɪəʊɡraˈvjʊə/ /ˌhiːlɪəʊɡrəˈvjɔː/