Definition of heliosphere in English:



  • The region of space, encompassing the solar system, in which the solar wind has a significant influence.

    ‘Voyager 1 has left the termination shock to enter the heliosphere, a region still influenced by the solar wind.’
    • ‘Its measurements show that the fast wind predominates in the heliosphere, which is a huge bubble blown into interstellar space by the Sun's outpourings, and extending far beyond the outermost planets.’
    • ‘The fast solar wind from the polar regions flowed uniformly to fill a large fraction of the heliosphere, and variability was confined to a narrow region around the solar equator.’
    • ‘Bolstering that view, simple models of the heliosphere require that the magnetic field intensifies in regions where the solar wind slows.’
    • ‘Because it remains beyond Earth's orbit, the heliosphere continues to deflect dust particles away from the planet.’



/ˈhēlēəˌsfir/ /ˈhiliəˌsfɪr/