Definition of heliotherapy in English:



mass noun
  • The therapeutic use of sunlight.

    • ‘The ancient Greeks employed whole-body sun exposure or heliotherapy in the treatment of disease, and lying nude in the sun was a popular pastime.’
    • ‘Early in the 20th century, the debate in the literature over the healthiness of heliotherapy and arc lamps provided the motivation for testing these ideas using animal models.’
    • ‘Although heliotherapy has been practiced for at least 2400 years, there was very little objective evidence supporting its purported therapeutic influence.’
    • ‘We had no intention of making it seem as if some of the benefits of heliotherapy were suggested by you.’
    • ‘The trouble with heliotherapy, for those who live in northern Europe, is that there is just not enough sunshine or, more precisely, strong natural sunlight is too unreliable.’