Definition of heliozoan in English:



  • A single-celled aquatic animal of the phylum Heliozoa.

    • ‘This delicate heliozoan demonstrates the amazing ability of axiopods to repair themselves.’
    • ‘Of course in the case of both heliozoans, the axopodia were fixed in different states of retraction.’
    • ‘Heliozoa is one of a diverse group of protozoa called heliozoans that live in both freshwater and marine environments.’
    • ‘Spotting this large heliozoan is easy and once seen, never forgotten.’
    • ‘These heliozoans are found most often in freshwater, floating in the open water amongst reeds and algae.’


  • Relating to or denoting heliozoans.

    ‘The genetic foundation for sequestering ribosomes near the nucleus could have developed in amoeboid or heliozoan ancestors.’
    ‘One past heliozoan, Sticholonche, was found by Nikolaev et al. to cluster with Acantharea.’