Definition of hell, west, and crooked in English:

hell, west, and crooked


informalAustralian, North American
  • All over the place.

    ‘she's running hell, west, and crooked’
    • ‘At the end of the day, the "miracle economy" and the "productivity gains" which are touted hell, west and crooked, are overstated.’
    • ‘Hell, West and crooked is how a local woman describes the desert that surrounds The Hill.’
    • ‘They soon spread over the country, running hell, west and crooked, shaking off their packs and mixing things up generally.’
    • ‘They were right in the thick of it, with shells landing hell, west and crooked, all round them.’
    • ‘Usually very reserved, her husband was crashing around the living-room, sending magazines and knitting hell, west and crooked.’