Definition of hella in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhelə/ /ˈhɛlə/


informal US as submodifier
  • Extremely (used for emphasis)

    • ‘I was hella mad’
    • ‘Everybody was super stoked, especially Judd who was skating hella hard.’
    • ‘Sean wanted to take us to River Legacy park's kinked rail which was hella far away.’
    • ‘They got off hella easy; some of them have art first period.’
    • ‘It makes me really angry 'cause I've been doing hella well.’
    • ‘Without much knowledge about the procedure, "it was hella scary," she says.’
    • ‘The big cities stay up late and party hella hard.’
    • ‘I just got some dental surgery done and am hella spaced out on painkillers.’
    • ‘I couldn't tell exactly what he was expressing but it was hella freaky.’
    • ‘It's hella cool what he does.’
    • ‘This chapter's kind of short but it took me a hella long time to write.’
    • ‘Anyway the article is hella good.’
    • ‘Yeah, it's hella catchy.’
    • ‘This episode is just hella cool.’
    • ‘He showed up hella late.’
    • ‘There is a costume shop nearby that I plan to check out but the only time I can get down there is right before we leave, and besides, they're hella expensive.’
    • ‘I know this fella hurt you hella bad, but listen up: in this dating thing, we are all walking wounded.’
    • ‘One of the other guys commented that our twenty-minute conversation could have gone on for eight hours, and I quite agree; it's hella fun picking brains with those guys.’
    • ‘For the younger members of the audience, those are like USB ports but hella big.’
    • ‘Flat panel TVs are hella expensive.’
    • ‘You're gonna be hella tired.’


informal US
  • A large amount or number of.

    • ‘those songs don't get hella airplay’
    • ‘there would be hella people in the streets’
    • ‘We'd go around riding bikes, jump, hittin' hella jumps.’
    • ‘I joined a couple crews and got hella fame.’
    • ‘He was Hawaiian and Filipino with long hair and hella tattoos and he was all ripped, you know, super buff.’
    • ‘I've been shot at hella times.’
    • ‘With the upcoming elections, there's been hella talk about the different types of votes.’
    • ‘Leo, really: What good is making hella cash if you're going to live off ramen and Sunny Delight?’
    • ‘It's a beautiful, sunny spring afternoon here in the hood and there are hella honeys running around all over the place.’
    • ‘I have hella issues admitting that I even write poetry - odd, considering the entire poetry blog I have.’
    • ‘When she came over the next day I took hella pictures of her.’
    • ‘I know what time it hit because it was making a hella racket and I could feel my building shaking.’
    • ‘I would have to walk up hella stairs to get to her door, then we would do our make-up and giggle in her bathroom.’
    • ‘It sounds like you make hella effort and if your biz partner cannot learn to work with your strengths and accommodate your weaknesses it is not a good partnership.’


1980s probably from helluva or hellacious.