Definition of hellbender in English:



  • An aquatic giant salamander with grayish skin and a flattened head, native to North America.

    Cryptobranchus alleganiensis, family Cryptobranchidae

    ‘The closest relative of the Japanese and Chinese giant salamanders is the hellbender of the eastern US.’
    • ‘Other common predators include minks, otters, raccoons, turtles, hellbenders, fish, some species of birds, and humans.’
    • ‘Living relatives include the Asian giant salamander, which can grow as big as a small human adult, and the smaller hellbender of North America.’
    • ‘It closely resembles the North American hellbender, a salamander with large, flat head that can grow more than 2 feet long.’
    • ‘The hellbender can reach 750 mm.’



/ˈhelˌbendər/ /ˈhɛlˌbɛndər/