Definition of hellcat in English:


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  • A spiteful, violent woman.

    ‘a spitting hellcat who abused him vilely’
    • ‘She's like that, the hellcat.’
    • ‘She's obviously a hellcat but she's also a smart, funny and talented person.’
    • ‘Their parents are just convinced they're hellcats.’
    • ‘You're a hellcat when it comes to kids - I should have known better.’
    • ‘I asked the guard out front if he'd had seen a pretty hellcat come by him.’
    • ‘She's like a hellcat when she gets angry.’
    • ‘But her tears did prove her human, proved she had a heart and feelings, that she was not the ferocious hellcat he'd once thought her to be.’
    • ‘Yes, Christina is beginning to change into a hellcat!’
    • ‘But now the little hellcat of the man's wife was struggling with him, and he tried to get her off without causing too much harm.’
    • ‘Mary bit his lip, turning into a hellcat, twisting and fighting his hold, trying to scratch his face.’
    • ‘The door suddenly opened and the hellcat walked into the room, unceremoniously.’
    • ‘‘Now hellcat, what would you like to drink,’ Billy questioned, once again donning his infamous grin as she carefully straightened her dress and fixed her hair.’
    • ‘In short, my sister is a tomboy / hellcat.’
    • ‘She looked so peaceful when she slept yet she was hellcat when she was awake.’



/ˈhelˌkat/ /ˈhɛlˌkæt/