Definition of Hellenic in English:



  • 1Greek.

    • ‘Amidst all the racket that gets generated in this convivial establishment on a good night, it's easy to forget they serve great Greek entrées, appetizers and other Hellenic treats.’
    • ‘The Hellenic club is a miserable place where old Greek men go to play darts.’
    • ‘The story of Jesus was more believable, his conclusions and teachings were more sensible and relevant, and the New Testament applied to a broader range of individuals than the Old Testament or Hellenic belief systems.’
    • ‘Appointed in a melding of neo-Classical and Mediterranean styles, the spa welcomes guests with Roman murals, Hellenic sculptures, fluted pillars, and terra-cotta tiles.’
    • ‘A formal investigation has been launched, and, should it request disciplinary action against the two staff members of the Hellenic coastguard, it will be taken immediately.’
    • ‘The three rooms, of which the middle and biggest one is the liveliest, are usually full of couples and small groups, with Greek music playing in the background and pictures and paintings of Hellenic scenes adorning the bright walls.’
    • ‘As the Hellenic sun sinks, it is tempting to cite our cold climate, but this is nonsense.’
    • ‘The early twentieth century saw the small number of Greek women in Australia's major urban centers banding together and forming Hellenic social groups and formal organizations.’
    • ‘But for Hellenic identity the loss was agonizing.’
    • ‘Indeed, many of the rescuers exemplify a Hellenic balance.’
    • ‘The Christian, French, Hellenic tradition is mine; the Hebrew tradition is foreign to me; no text of a law can change that for me.’
    • ‘In this respect, they embody the ideal that Matthew Arnold posited as a mix of Hebraic law and Hellenic light.’
    • ‘I have now returned from my Hellenic adventure and feel tremendous for it.’
    • ‘The Weeping Meadow is another vast and forbiddingly sombre story about the modern Hellenic nation's painful, mysterious birth from the misty ruins of the early 20th century.’
    • ‘All joking apart, the heavenly Hellenic national triumph should act as a loud, trumpeted warning to the Premiership's pampered platoon.’
    ancient Greek, Grecian, Hellenic, Attic
    1. 1.1Archaeology Relating to or denoting Iron Age and Classical Greek culture (between Helladic and Hellenistic).
      • ‘White dresses, smocks and crisscrossed leather sandals inspired by the Hellenic age traveled somberly down the runway, as American flags fluttered from the ceiling.’
      • ‘A half-mile square section of the ancient Hellenic city of Olvia was recently cleared out by thieves looking for valuables to sell.’
      • ‘It was a bit unusual to find a Hellenic civilisation 50 miles off the South West coast of the USA like that.’
      • ‘We have nothing from the Hellenic period worth reading.’
      • ‘This gave rise to a form of classicism that is highly seductive and narrowly selective: a Hellenic ideal.’


mass noun
  • 1The branch of the Indo-European language family comprising classical and modern Greek.

    1. 1.1The Greek language.
      ‘I am sure that you will discover that you actually speak much more Hellenic that you thought, and that Greek is not so "Greek to you" after all!’


From Greek Hellēnikos, from Hellēn (see Hellene).



/hɛˈlɛnɪk/ /hɛˈliːnɪk/