Definition of Hellenize in English:


(British Hellenise)


[with object]often as adjective Hellenized
  • Make Greek or Hellenistic in form or character.

    ‘the Ptolemies, the Hellenized rulers of Egypt, embellished the myth’
    • ‘But if we Hellenise a little, we will see that real equality is not a matter of universal suffrage or the rights of minorities.’
    • ‘Cultures once foreign to the Hellenic world now became more Greek-like - they were Hellenized.’
    • ‘The vast majority of the peoples conquered by Alexander the Great have willingly allowed themselves to be Hellenized.’
    • ‘But Revelation clearly is written to an audience in the thoroughly Hellenized region of Asia Minor and ‘the Old Testament and Jewish traditions’ surely would have been heard through Hellenized ears.’
    • ‘In Rome, ‘her introduction included references to her Anatolian origin, her status as an already Hellenized goddess, and her being identified as an ancestral Roman goddess’.’
    • ‘Learned Syrians and Copts had been Hellenized like their Jewish cousins, but they never lost the gift of penetrating the writings of their first-century forebears.’
    • ‘Alexander also deduces ‘it was impossible for the rabbis to be Hellenized in any strict sense.’’
    • ‘For most Hellenized people in the first century, the universe is geocentric, all creation centered about the earth.’
    • ‘So-called conservatives today are so Hellenized that they are offended when this is pointed out.’
    • ‘And Hellenized Western Asia, Syria in particular, at this and other periods, is one of his favorite settings.’
    • ‘He emerges as a very Hellenized king, concerned with distinctively Greek conceptions of morality, justice, and fairness in regard to distribution.’
    • ‘For a pontiff in the twenty-first century to choose a Hellenising name would signal above all an initiative towards improving relations between Western and Eastern churches.’