Definition of hellhound in English:



  • A demon in the form of a dog.

    ‘Players will encounter hellhounds, werewolves, vampires, hobbits, ghosts, barbarians and demigorgons.’
    • ‘The council slowly and with much detail gave the barbarians information of the hellhound that the elves had accidentally summoned and what had befallen their tribe.’
    • ‘Constantly haunted by images of hellhounds, loneliness, and an unreasonable wanderlust, Johnson lived hand to mouth, playing at plantations, house parties and street corners.’
    • ‘PJ Harvey, particularly, sings as if hellhounds are on her trail.’
    • ‘The hellhounds bared their teeth in a canine laugh.’
    • ‘What pack of demonic hellhounds brought you into this world?’
    • ‘It is Sir Charles' mysterious death in the grounds of Baskerville Hall that brings Holmes and Watson to the scene of one of their most famous and intriguing cases - the mystery of the legendary hellhound of Dartmoor.’
    • ‘It feels like the century's chasing us, like having a hellhound on your trail.’
    • ‘The hellhound let out a roar that shook the very walls and lunged for the man in front of him.’
    • ‘A nice little puppy can turn into a hellhound over night and kill the mailman.’
    • ‘To my own ears it sounds like some kind of hellhound that has broke loose from Hades.’
    demon, devil, evil spirit, imp, bogie



/ˈhelˌ(h)ound/ /ˈhɛlˌ(h)aʊnd/


Old English originally referring especially to Cerberus, the watchdog of Hades in Greek mythology.