Definition of helmer in English:



informalNorth American
  • A film director.

    • ‘As everyone knows, Tinseltown is all about the lawsuits and the brinkmanship of the helmers and studio heads, and who blinks first.’
    • ‘Last year alone, Kate Winslet finalized her divorce from assistant director Jim Threapleton and shacked up with Oscar-winning helmer Sam Mendes.’
    • ‘The hour-long Director's Series will be a highlight this summer, profiling today's top Hollywood helmers, including Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorcese, and Clint Eastwood.’
    • ‘Other indie helmers started trickling into the party later.’
    • ‘The veteran TV helmer may be directing from a script that could have been written by two trained chimpanzees, but he doesn't do much to enliven the proceedings.’