Definition of helmeted in English:



See helmet

  • ‘In the midst of this incredible natural creation, I am suddenly immersed in a blue fog of polluting fumes, surrounded by loud snarling beasts whose riders, black-suited and helmeted, all look like Darth Vader.’
  • ‘To the surprise of the women, eying him warily, this hunk, looking more macho than all the others, slowed down almost to a stop, and with a little not of his full helmeted head, made a graceful sweep of his right hand.’
  • ‘It also includes a photograph of two black men, one shirtless, calmly leaning against their automobile as helmeted patrol officers briskly frisk them for weapons.’
  • ‘A helmeted bike messenger with no teeth rallied a group of just-released felons at the job-search firm America Works a little over a year ago.’
  • ‘Finally, helmeted, belted and visored down, we're good to go.’