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help desk

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  • A service providing information and support to computer users, especially within a company.

    ‘The help desk and IT support staff will act as ambassadors for your intranet initiative, so the sooner you garner their support the better.’
    • ‘The support help desk can be a complicated, stressful and challenging environment.’
    • ‘The documentation or knowledge base of the help desk continues to grow, as does the vendor's ability to handle more issues.’
    • ‘Other users lose productivity when they call the help desk to have their passwords reset.’
    • ‘He recruits workers who have good people skills for the help desk.’
    • ‘One of the most important factors in outsourcing your help desk service is the relationship, or partnership, you establish with the vendor.’
    • ‘The sad part is that they had to call the help desk in order to place a service call!’
    • ‘As I type this, I'm sitting on the tail of a 10 minute queue to the help desk again.’
    • ‘Users don't sit idle because of lost or forgotten identifiers, and the help desk doesn't spend time retrieving or replacing such tokens.’
    • ‘Don't cheat your users by giving them dramatically simplified or weakened versions of the software being used by your help desk personnel.’
    • ‘A former New York computer help desk technician yesterday pleaded guilty to playing a key part in what prosecutors reckon is the largest identity theft case to date.’
    • ‘Several software options are on the market, but our help desk chose IBM's ViaVoice for Windows.’
    • ‘His assistant also handles hardware leasing and routes calls to the help desk.’
    • ‘We had a small programming shop and I was in the help desk when this fax came in.’
    • ‘Sixteen percent of the respondents had put on extra services due to the use of open source software, including extra help desk support and extra staff.’
    • ‘Evaluate all costs involved in running your own help desk.’
    • ‘Employees often have so many passwords that they invariably forget them and have to call the help desk to either retrieve or reset them.’
    • ‘Keeping track of every entry in an accurate, organized and nonrepetitive manner is the key to a good help desk.’
    • ‘A help desk agent may also want to communicate with an end user through a chat session.’
    • ‘I work at a midwestern university's network help desk for students, faculty, and staff.’


help desk

/ˈhelp ˌdesk/ /ˈhɛlp ˌdɛsk/