Definition of helpline in English:



  • A telephone service providing help with problems.

    ‘there are a number of helplines and organizations which can offer advice’
    ‘a family helpline and counselling service’
    • ‘The call centre will handle ‘inward services’, manning the service centre and helplines.’
    • ‘There is little existing evidence on the effect of publicly available telephone helplines on the nature and volume of demand for health services.’
    • ‘The council is also setting up a telephone helpline for people who want to know more about the system.’
    • ‘A new guide to services, including helplines and shelters for women in Cork and Kerry affected by violence, was launched yesterday.’
    • ‘Do you prefer dealing with a human voice or are you happy with the new labour-saving touchtone nature of many of today's customer service helplines?’
    • ‘The soap stars will feature in a series of short adverts for the helpline and listening service over the Christmas period.’
    • ‘People in Hong Kong jammed telephone helplines to voice their anxieties.’
    • ‘Plans are afoot to set up a telephone helpline to reach a larger number of people in the city.’
    • ‘Talk to someone you trust - a friend, relative, or a helpline or advice service.’
    • ‘The report, which was based upon conversations with children who telephoned helplines, also claimed that the hidden problem of solvent abuse kills more children than drugs every year.’
    • ‘And they say a million pensioners entitled to the benefit will not get it before they die because telephone helplines set up to assist claims will be unable to cope.’
    • ‘Governments around Europe were offering telephone helplines for relatives.’
    • ‘Many gay people did not approach mainstream mental health services to seek help and instead turned to helplines.’
    • ‘He told me how the hospital had opened a telephone medical helpline for those with wounded or sick but who are unable to leave their homes.’
    • ‘So we fully support plans to increase access to this excellent service by setting up a regional telephone helpline.’
    • ‘More than 1,000 people volunteered to help in the search for the girls and some 15,000 telephoned police helplines reporting possible sightings of the children.’
    • ‘Resource directories provide contact information for national organizations, hotlines and helplines, and other sources of support.’
    • ‘With a view to helping accident victims a number of road-accident helplines have been set up all along the National Highways in the region.’
    • ‘The helpline cannot exist without the generosity of the public.’
    • ‘Gamblers Anonymous said there had been a rise in the number of people making contact with its helpline.’