Definition of Helvetic in English:



another term for Helvetian (adjective)
  • ‘Without being aware of it for the most part, we live in a Helvetic experiment on a European scale.’
  • ‘Large folds may form individual mountains such as in the Zagros, Appalachian, or Rocky mountain belts; or they can decorate the entire sides of mountains, as in the Helvetic nappes of the Swiss Alps.’
  • ‘In 1798 Holland and Switzerland had both become unitary and democratic republics, the Batavian and the Helvetic, under the patronage of the Directory.’
  • ‘In January 1798, meanwhile, a French-backed coup had overthrown the age-old government of the Swiss Confederation, substituting yet another ‘sister republic’, the Helvetic.’
  • ‘Caesar's account of the migration of the Helvetic tribes shows an entire population, hundreds of thousands strong, deliberately picking up and attempting to move from Switzerland to the Atlantic coast.’