Definition of hemagglutination in English:



Medicine Biology
  • The clumping together of red blood cells.

    ‘The diagnosis is confirmed by haemagglutination and complement fixation tests.’
    • ‘Classically, diagnosis of dengue virus infection was carried out by haemagglutination inhibition test.’
    • ‘Alternatively, the anti-sheep red blood cell hemagglutination test has been employed successfully in many species of wild birds.’
    • ‘Antibody titers were expressed as the log 2 of the highest dilution of plasma containing hemagglutination.’
    • ‘However, the agent little affected the hemagglutination and RNA-dependent RNA polymerase activities of these viruses in vitro.’



/ˌhēməˌɡlo͞otnˈāSHən/ /ˌhiməˌɡlutnˈeɪʃən/