Definition of hemal in English:



(British haemal)
  • 1Physiology
    Of or concerning the blood.

    1. 1.1Zoology Situated on the same side of the body as the heart and major blood vessels (i.e. in chordates, ventral).
      ‘Well-preserved centra show paired subcentral foramina, located on either side of the hemal ridge at a level slightly behind the midpoint of the centrum.’
      • ‘The first caudal vertebra is identified as the most anterior vertebra that has paired haemal flanges extending along the ventral surface of the centrum.’
      • ‘This process articulates with slim unpaired haemal spines which, in turn, articulate with the axonosts of the anal fin.’
      • ‘The hemal system parallels the water vascular system and probably distributes nutrients from the digestive tract.’
      • ‘In basal cross section, the fused chevrons of the haemal arch have a flattened medial face and a U-shaped lateral face.’



/ˈhēməl/ /ˈhiməl/


Mid 19th century from Greek haima ‘blood’+ -al.