Definition of hematic in English:



(British haematic)
dated Medicine
  • Relating to or affecting the blood.

    ‘But during sleep, the body responds to the hematic slowdown with a genital workout roughly every 90 minutes.’
    • ‘Our patient had a spontaneous onset hematic cyst without any history of previous trauma or surgery.’
    • ‘The cytology excluded the presence of acantholytic cells and evidenced only connective and haematic cells.’
    • ‘The amount of intraventricular haematic density and hydrocephalus were associated to cognitive impairment and to delirium.’
    • ‘It appears well evident that the above mentioned compound is rapidly absorbed by the nasal mucosa into the systemic hematic circulation without first-pass metabolism.’



/hēˈmadik/ /hiˈmædɪk/


Mid 19th century from Greek haimatikos, from haima, haimat- ‘blood’.