Definition of hematocrit in English:



(British haematocrit)
  • 1Physiology
    The ratio of the volume of red blood cells to the total volume of blood.

    ‘This fluid is then centrifuged to leave a solution of red blood cells with a haematocrit of 0.5-0.6.’
    • ‘Her current white blood cell count, hemoglobin, hematocrit, and red blood cell indices are all normal.’
    • ‘The ratio of total body to venous hematocrit was calculated for all patients.’
    • ‘Complete blood cell data showed a hematocrit of 31.9% and a mean corpuscular volume of 91.3 fL.’
    • ‘His hemoglobin was 13, his hematocrit was 37.5, and his red blood cell count was 3.79.’
    1. 1.1An instrument for measuring this, typically by centrifugation.
      ‘Last spring they warned about abnormal test scores that recorded high readings of hematocrit, a measure of the volume of red blood cells.’
      • ‘But because the haematocrit measure is not specific - it can only detect possible abuse - they do not use it.’
      • ‘Your hematocrit result has to be above a thirty-eight and I was just below that.’
      • ‘Because severe anemia, defined as a hematocrit less than 0.15, we determined intraoperative estimated blood loss and obtained serial measurements of hematocrit.’
      • ‘Healthy children without a history of snoring who presented to the pediatrics clinic for well child visits and who had blood drawn for routine measurement of hematocrit were also recruited as control subjects.’



/həˈmadəˌkrit/ /həˈmædəˌkrɪt/


Late 19th century from hemato-‘of blood’ + Greek kritēs ‘judge’.