Definition of hematogenous in English:



(British haematogenous)
  • Originating in or carried by the blood.

    ‘Tuberculosis bacteria reach the gastrointestinal tract via haematogenous spread, ingestion of infected sputum, or direct spread from infected contiguous lymph nodes and fallopian tubes.’
    • ‘It is also appropriate to investigate for metastatic infection or distant sources of hematogenous dissemination of infection such as infected aneurysm, skin lesions, septic phlebitis, and osteomyelitis.’
    • ‘Although the extension of infection appeared to be primarily direct, lesions suggesting hematogenous dissemination were occasionally noted in bone marrow and skin.’
    • ‘Dissemination occurs in immunosuppressed individuals via hematogenous or direct neuronal extension.’
    • ‘Uncommon lesions suggesting hematogenous dissemination of virus were noted in both inoculation groups.’



/ˌhēməˈtäjənəs/ /ˌhiməˈtɑdʒənəs/